Talent Identification Program

Talent World International Scouting Project is willing to intensify the scouting activity outside The Netherlands establishing new partnerships with foreign Scouts, Coaches, Academies, Clubs in order to watch, identify, and scout young talents who could be signed and play with professional teams in The Netherlands.

From March 2020 Talent World International has established an official cooperation with Barcelona SS in The Netherlands, becoming officially responsible for the International Scouting U14 – U21, offering the players the opportunity to be signed with premier league clubs in Holland.

The Barcelona SS “International Project ” has operational headquarters in Rotterdam.

It has latest generation soccer fields; it is supported and have collaboration with the High School of Rotterdam  and the International Business School of The Hague for the classroom. It has a boarding school program for underage students,  college for adults, private accommodation and participating hotels for those staying for short periods. It can accommodate up to 200 students, with a least one technical trainer every 15 students.


Scouting quality players to play with (semi)professional youth teams up to U21. During a period of training and matches all players are trained and evaluated by a the professional staff of Barcelona SS, its coaches and scouts.
Players have the opportunity to be assessed while playing also in front of scouts from other professional clubs attending the event, such as: Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, ADO Den Haag, Sparta Rotterdam and FC Utrecht.

Talent Identification Program

Goals and Objectives

The Talent Identification Program is identical, in intensity and contents, to the one used by BARCELONA SS. Players participating in the TIP develop their technical and tactical skills through a daily work program identical to that set for professional players.

Measuring Performances:

Every 3 months Barcelona SS will provide the athletes with personalized reports where the technical and tactical parameters will be evaluated in order to measure effective improvements. Technical and tactical lacking aspects will be identified since the very beginning in order to provide the athletes with a specific training.

Comparing with Professionals:

At least 4 times during the soccer season all of the athletes taking part to the TIP will train directly with a pro club, also with friendly matches having the purpose in showing off their own technical qualities but also to compare and understand the average professional requirements needed by these clubs.


There are two types of “Talent Identification Program”, differing in commitment and duration:

The “Year-Round Talent Identification Program” that has a duration of 9 months (September to June) that coincide with the school or academic year’s beginning and end.

The “Monthly Program” that has a duration of either 1, 2, 3 or 6 months and can be attended during any period of the football season.

No Pain, No Gain.
Train like de Jong, play like Memphis!

Weekly Program


morningeducationeducationspare time
1:00 p.m.lunchlunchlunch
afternoontrainingspare time/matchesspare time / matches
8:00 p.m.dinnerdinnerdinner
11:00 p.m.restrest / social activityrest

The program is established for the soccer players who attend the Talent Identification Program and developed to put them in the best situation to follow a period of athletic and educational preparation.  It is geared to reach the ultimate goal of the project. Th course also includes  activities and excursions.

Academy costs per period

PeriodHigh School & UniversityEarly Bird Discount 12%*
9 months
18.000 € 15.840 €
6 months12.000 € 10.560 € 
3 months8.000 € 7.040 € 
2 months5.600 € 4.900 € 
1 month3.600 € 3.150 € 

The discounts are applicable for all registrations completed by May 1st  of each year.

Why you should experience this!

Prepare yourself in your home country!

The online TALENT IDENTIFICATION Master Program

Barcelona SS annually invests  many resources in its youth teams and because of that “Talent Identification Program” it’s very important for the research and development of new talents. The purpose of such Program is to identify young athletes with superior technical and tactical skills, developing with the help of Professional Coaches, guiding them towards the sign with pro clubs in The Netherlands. To be sure you come with the right skills and mindset you can partake in our online Master Program.

GAP YEAR - Academy Costs

The Hague or Eindhoven1 month 2500 €16 – 21 Years old
The Hague or Eindhoven5  months 11.850 €16 – 21 Years old
The Hague or Eindhoven10 months 19.850 €16 – 21 Years old
The Hague or Eindhoven1 year23.850 €16 – 21 Years old