International Soccer Exchange

We host a variety of events across the World throughout the year. Including Showcases, Talent ID Camps, Prep Camps, tournaments, and much more.

Live, Study & Play   (16-23 yrs)

Do you want to develop your abilities in a fulltime Soccer environment and learn a new culture and style of play ?

Summer Soccer Trials  (14-23 yrs)

We are well aware that there are many talented players hidden in the world who are not given the opportunity to be seen.

Talent Identification  (14-21 yrs) 

There are two types of opportunities in Holland, the “Year Round”option and the “Monthly”option. Where will we see you?

Become a Global Recruitment Partner

Talent World is always looking to expand its reach through affiliate marketing and agents and scouts recruitment of players

World Youth Student Travel  Conference 2022

See us at the world conference, where leaders in all types of travel products and services that young people utilise, meet!