Here are some potential roles and responsibilities for the program faculty:

  1. Head Coach: Responsible for overseeing the soccer training program and providing expert instruction under the Johan Cruyff philosophy.
  2. Assistant Coaches: Assist the head coach with training sessions, provide individual feedback to players, and help with game preparation.
  3. Language Teachers: Provide language instruction and support to participants, helping them develop their skills and improve their language proficiency.
  4. Academic Teachers: Provide academic instruction and support to participants, helping them excel in their studies and achieve their academic goals.
  5. Residential Advisors: Oversee the program’s residential facilities, providing support and guidance to participants outside of training and academic hours.
  6. Program Coordinator: Responsible for the overall organization and coordination of the program, including logistics, scheduling, and communication with participants and their families.
  7. Guest Coaches/Speakers: Bring in guest coaches or speakers to provide additional expertise and inspiration to the participants.


The number of faculty members needed for each of these roles will depend on the size and scope of the program. However, it is important that each role is staffed by experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping young athletes succeed both on and off the field.